It is not necessary to ask permission?

In general, in order to use a copyright work you need to get permission from the copyright owners. This process can be especially long and expensive when dealing with films, since they are complex works involving copyrights of a large number of contributors (music, script, cinematography, etc.). You can find more information about this here.

Beschreibungen der Videoqualität

Screener (Scr) or CAMrip (Cam) : slang is called rag or screener. Usually the worst and very first quality which you can find after the official release of the film. Movie recording camera with screen cinema. Some films are seen the heads of other moviegoers, etc. the quality of the picture as a very bad cassette with terrible quality sound, possible interference of the type of laughter of the audience, simply put a full atstoy!

TS (Telesync) : Recorded professional (digital) camera mounted on a tripod in an empty theater with a screen (probably the night projectionist and share :) ). The video quality is much better than with a simple camera (Cam). Sound is recorded directly from the projector or from a different individual output, e.g. audio Jack in the chair (as in aircraft). The sound thus obtained is very good and clutter free. Usually the sound in stereo.

VHSrip : the Source videotape in VHS format, is usually pretty average quality.

TVrip : Recorded from a television signal, typically a cable (but there with a simple antenna).

Workprint (WP) or (DVDscr) : This is the so-called Beta-version of the film. Usually comes out much earlier before the show in cinemas around the world. This is a preview of the film. Because of this, you can expect everything. From super quality, to complete sludge. Often missing some scenes. However, it may be that there are all the scenes and then cut out. To learn such version is possible for the timer at the top or at the bottom of the screen - it is necessary for the subsequent Mantega, running titles that are only for internal use, just happens that the half of the second film colour black and white (sometimes alternate)

Telecine (TC) : a Very popular version of the films, which can easily be confused with a DVD rip. Quality of video and sound great. The source is a projector with outputs for audio and video. The film recorded directly from the projector!

Satellite (SATrip) : - the Material is recorded directly from the satellite, much better than the TVrip, usually MPEG2.

DVDRip and LDRip : This version is from the DVD or Laserdisc. The quality is the best, though depends on the skill of the Creator (the Ripper). But usually this is not a new film, so the DVD comes much later in the theaters.

Like this :) . Well, lastly, something about the translations and voice acting:

Just offscreen or as they say-over Amateur - this is when in a relaxed, home setting, man with a nasal voice, sipping tea in the course of the film, mumbling into the microphone of the movie characters and inscriptions on the plates. Often, you can clearly hear the original voices, sometimes even louder than the translator. The translation is Amateur, vol.

Voice-over professional : Usually a couple - woman and man, both are professional actors or speakers with well-modulated voices, in the Studio, with expression read roles professionally translated and approved text. The original voices are also heard, but all within tolerance.

Well, the best is dubbing From a movie completely removed the audio track from the original votes (only votes) and in its place is inserted a track with the voices of relatives of the actors or speakers, ie for example the machine gun continues to shoot in English, and the phrase "all tear bitches" sounds on our mighty :) All very high quality, if you shout something in a loud voice if I whisper it so the creeps, but if the crying speaker faithfully sobbing and swallowing snot. Lovely! :)

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